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How to add Chinese Font in Unity

In unity3d development, the font display issue of the HUD on mobile device is always a big issue.
The mobile types of the Android are different and so are the font types.The solution is adding the supported Chinese font on mobile in Unity.

Use the mac system Chinese font and modify the extension file name to “otf” and copy it in the Unity.

The first Mobile game on appstore market!

We publish our first mobile game 硬币战士(https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/ying-bi-zhan-shi/id998247887?mt=8) on the appstore market. The sale report for it is somewhat poor, we just realized that our game style do not fit the Chinese mobile phone users’ taste and this game also has some serious issues that we need to fix.

So we have to advance our plan to the next game with the old issue fixed.

Hope we will success!